Quality Assurance

At Matangi, Customer Satisfaction and delivery of result oriented products has always been the first priority. Thanks to this approach, Matangi holds a premuim position in the textile industry. Our ever so reliable approach has also garnered us a long list of old and permanent clients.

Matangi distinguishes itself in the market by using the best quality input available. Be it raw materials, production staff or administrative staff. Togather, we strive to make the best even better.

Matangi takes care of its cleints as well as planet earth. We do our utmost for sustainable development and hence, 100% of our product list are eco-friendlies.

Matangi has following certifications for offer

OEKO-TEX CLASS-I Certified: We do not use any kind of animal fat or any kind of animal oriented input in any of our products. As a result, they can be used for sensitive fabrics such as medicative fabrics, child use fabrics and so on.

REACH Compliant: Registration, Evolution, Authorization and Restictions of chemicals, abbreviated as “REACH”, is a compliance that is demended by many foreign textile units. Generally, nations of European Union demand this certification, but a few other countries have also asked for it. All Matangi products are REACH compliant.

GOTS v5.0 : GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standards, which has laid out a set of rules and regulations for texile auxilaries. All Matangi products are made keeping in mind these rules and guidelines.