M-5000® A Gots ver 5.0 approved concentrated Acrylic sizing binder.

It’s a co-polymer acrylate in GEL form. It’s a concentrated formulation best suitable for warp sheet having count from 30’s to 110’s and ends up to 30000 and for high reed picks at higher speed looms .

It is a self sufficient binder doesn’t require any support/top-up of PVA, Polyester resin Or any other adhesive .

Due to its high bonding strength and for starch base recipes, the use of M-5000 is set at10-30% of Starch quantity. Competitors binder need 40-50% binder qty of starch wt -thus use of M-5000 reduces consumption of chemicals which also results into better de-sizing & sludge reduction at ETP .