S bind spin®

S-BIND(SPIN)®1st time in India a GOTS 5.0 approved/APEO Free Anti-Static SpinFinish (2152P).

S-BIND(SPIN) has excellent heat dissipation properties & keeps fiber cool during spinning and weaving process . It has strong lubrication cum anti-static properties -provide extra strength to fiber & yarn , thus significantly reduced breakages & fly generation. Use of S Bind(Spin) stops powder formation which is seen from wax based lubricants and also reduces yarn stickiness which increases life of cots. S-BIND (SPIN) does not solidify during winter season that is normally seen from wax based products.

No any heating arrangement required for S-Bind(SPIN) during winter season which is normally pre-requisite for conventional wax/edible oil based 2152p lubricants. It is therefore a product which gives consistent results irrespective of seasons or variations in humidity S-BIND (SPIN) Requires less support of LV40-Thus reduces consumption of LV40 during summer season.