S-Bind PF

S-Bind PF A Gots ver 5.0 approved sectional warping binder.

It’s an organic aqueous, viscous solution which provides strong binding even at variable temperatures .
Eco-friendly , absolutely harmless mixture and useful for ZERO discharge ETP units.

S-BIND PF is specially formulated for warping of all type of Polyester, Polyester-Viscose, Polyester-Cotton and Various Yarn Blends in all type of textile machineries

Looms like: Air Jet, Water Jet, Rapier, Warp Knitting, Circular Knitting

S-BIND PF can be used for treatment of all types of weaving fabric quality like Taffeta, Bright, Low Twisted Fabric, Jari and many more…

Also we treat Warp Knit Qualities for Polyester as well as Cotton Yarn Fabric.

Due to special characteristics of binder , the treated yarn does not get sticky on beam and also provides enough strength to yarn and moisture which leads to higher pick-up & higher loom efficiency by reduce breakages and remove excess hairiness on yarn.

The desired pick-up is obtained by adjusting speed ratio of waxing roller & weavers beam.

Zero wastage of yarn during multiple handling & preparing weavers beam .
No need to using extra imported anti-static oil . S-BIND PF provides required yarn flexibility for best weaving efficiency & reduced hairiness & abrasion resistance.